Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Become a Follower of E-Vision's Blogspot!

Does this mean you will get messages whenever we update our blog? NO, of course not . . .
Does this mean that you have to vote for us on November 4th? NO, its not that kind of following :)

BECOMING A FOLLOWER means that you add E_Vision to your BLOG READING LIST and each time you check out blogs, you'll remember to check out E-Vision's to see whats new!

There is a follower widget to the RIGHT of our blog spot that will let you become a follower (either publically or anonymously) as long as you have a gmail account. And you can STOP FOLLOWING anytime you want with the accompanying widget.

Besides I'm lonely as the only follower sooooo . . . see you on the blog. . .

Frances, E-Vision's Chief Analytic Officer

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