Thursday, September 25, 2008

Highlights from the Opening Meeting

For all of you who weren't sure about whether you should come to E-Vision's Opening Meeting and opted not to, YOU MISSED IT!

Yes, we have all heard Dr. Carter speak and received her great PhD Completion guidance but at this meeting she gave the scoop on how TADA got started - the good and the bad. From dealing with business partners, investors, and vendors to keeping your idea yours, Dr. Carter revealed a lot after she reminded us first and foremost of the importance of completing our PhDs !

Dr. Carter also instructed us on the 2 hours process of establishing our own LLC in Maryland as something we can do as graduate students or professionals as soon as our business begins to generate additional revenue.

If you would like copies of the documents provided by Dr. Carter, feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for more blogs from the E-Vision members that were in attendance, as well as info about upcoming Events!

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Adrienne said...

The opening meeting was great! Dr. Carter made starting an LLC a piece of cake. I wish other students would have attended the meeting, however the life of a graduate student is sometimes not their own.